Kushables is a team of marijuana advocates whom are dedicated to providing our visitors with detailed information regarding marijuana (cannabis). We publish a multitude of articles on a regular basis designed to address recent marijuana studies in attempts to help inform the many people searching for information on this mysterious plant.

Due to the current legal status of Cannabis in most countries, most people are ignorant to the actual facts about marijuana.

It is thus our goal to stay within the legal boundaries of all marijuana laws but still continue to help educate the masses by providing supplementary information pertaining but not limited to:

The effects of smoking marijuana, alternative methods of smoking marijuana to avoid ingesting carcinogenic properties, the current status on the legalization of marijuana, types of marijuana, marijuana strains, medical marijuana, the benefits of marijuana, marijuana facts, and marijuana laws

Alongside of the wealth of cannabis information we offer our viewers, we also offer various marijuana based products which can be found in the
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