Awesome Bongs for Sale

Absolutely Awesome Bongs for Sale from Around the World!

awesome bongs for sale

We have once again constructed a well thought out list featuring the most awesome bongs for sale from all around the internet. We’ve thoroughly analyzed each one of these bongs and have firmly concluded their superiority to the rest of their competition. Each one of these awesome bongs have earned their spot on our top list based on Craftsmanship, Hit Capacity, Durability, Glass Quality, and their ability to produce a smooth hit of smoke.

Interested in Awesome Bongs..?

As you can see for yourself, there’s a surplus of cool bongs for sale throughout the internet. We have assumed the tedious responsibility of sifting through the countless pages on google and have put together this list featuring only the most awesome bongs for sale online.


We’ve even reviewed a number of ROOR Bongs and compared them to many other popular glass on glass bongs such as Blaze Glass and EHLE Glass. Our team has also considered your budget therefor we’ve tweaked the dimensions of our list to include a quality per dollar ratio factor on each and every single one of the awesome bongs that are for sale.


If you’re interested in purchasing any of the awesome bongs featured in this list I can absolutely assure you that your transaction will be 100% Safe & Secure. I myself have personally ordered products from each of these manufacturers and distributors in the past and had zero problems with my purchases!


Also, its important for me to note that all of these bongs for sale will be discreetly shipped with no way for any prying eyes to detect whats inside your delivered package! We have your privacy in mind and your satisfaction at heart and we’re confident that you’ll be pleased with any of the purchases you decide to make from any of the links found below.

So here they are,


The Most Awesome Bongs for Sale From ALL Around the Internet!

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Dude Bubble Base

Dude Bubble Base The Dude Bubble Base is a cool and unique bong due to its bubble chamber located at the base of the bong!

Not only does this awesome bong get super milky white while taking a hit, the manufactures also throw in a free herb grinder, 5 pipe screens, a funnel bowl, a very sleek black and silver carrying case, and another smoking goody based on your location! Truly a great deal and at an unbelievably low price! This is one of our top picks out of the many bongs for sale.


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Dude Layback Glass

Dude Layback Glass Our list of bongs for sale features this Dude Layback glass model because of its well thought-out design, low price, and the smooth hits this bong can procure.

Not only does this bong have the optimal tube length for maximum ease and comfort while hitting the bong, but its intuitive angled chamber design allows for you to remain in your normal comfortable seating position while ripping this bong! A stoner's dream come true!


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Blaze Glass – Double Spiral Perc

Blaze Glass – Double Spiral Perc Blaze Glass is widely recognized for their expertise in producing of the most effective percolator bongs on the market today! A Percolator is a scientific innovation used to drastically reduce the harshness of the smoke that enters the users lungs. It is highly recommended to check if your using a bong with percolators as they are responsible for procuring massive hits of smoke with unparalleled smoothness!

The Blaze Glass Double Spiral Perc offers state of the art percolator technology as well as ice rings inside the bong to reduce harshness even further! This manufacturer of this bong will also throw in extra gift items at no extra charge! This is one of our top picks out of our Bongs for sale listings!


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Blaze Glass – Mini Donut

Blaze Glass – Mini Donut Blaze glass has created this awesome bong with both originality and functionality in mind! I'ts intuitive design provides for a truly cooled down smooth hit!

The glass chamber becomes filled with a dense cloud of milky white smoke before finally ascending upwards through the donut where it is then separated into multiple streams of smoke ultimately cooling down your smoke to a more comfortable temperature!


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Black Leaf – Flaming Skull

Black Leaf – Flaming Skull Black Leaf Elite combines sleek design with proficient craftsmanship with their latest Flaming Skull release!

The Flaming Skull is a powerful percolator bong capable of drastically cooling down the smokes temperature prior to inhaling it! This beautiful bong comes equipped with an ash catcher, water chamber, mouth ring, and stands at about 50cm tall. A great deal for such a well crafted bong!


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