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The Best Weed Grinder in 2016


The Best Weed Grinder in 2016
(If you’re looking for the best weed grinder in 2016, this is definitely the review you were
looking for.)

best weed grinder 2016

The best weed grinder in 2016 will effectively shred any type of bud, tobacco and even spice, without leaving any large chunks of your favorite herb behind. Who else hates picking out the leftover bud from the top compartment of the grinder? Those moments of inconvenience are a thing of the past.

There are thousands of grinders for sale via online headshops therefore it’s nearly impossible to read up on every single one! Don’t worry. The Kushables team has decided to do the homework for you and research what the best weed grinder for 2016 actually is!

If you’ve found this page, your most likely not interested in some cheap five dollar grinder that’s made out of plastic, or even wood.

Fuck that, you want the good stuff. I’m talking about an awesome aluminum or even titanium weed grinder. That’s whats new for the best weed grinder of 2016.

Before starting up Kushables I used to own a Headshop in New York. I’ve had to sell those shit 5 dollar grinders for many years. But I’m not going to waste your time:

Here is the Best Weed Grinder for 2016.

best weed grinder 2016

The Phoenician Large 4-Piece Grinder – Rasta with Kind Rolling Tray and Nug-Out

Phoenician engineering had really outdone themselves this with their newest grinder lineup. This grinder is innovation in just about every aspect. This bad boy was technically designed for medical marijuana patients however I’m sure any marijuana connoisseur could appreciate its beauty.

This grinder setup is by far the most superior and best weed grinder in 2016. Phoenician had re-engineered this grinder from a marijuana patient perspective, not a product feature approach.

These gentleman had literally taken into account what actual marijuana users want and need in a top of the line grinder.

Allow me to explain…

Phoenician engineering had researched that some medical marijuana users often experience states of weakness in terms of their actual strength, so what did they do? They ditched the old knurl-style grip design and had replaced it with a lobe-grip design.

Basically what they had achieved in creating was an ultimately smooth grinder, one that doesn’t get jammed, stuck, or sticky! A simple twist motion makes this baby glide like no other.

Supreme Design:

best weed grinder in 2016

Think about it, this grinder was designed for basically bed-ridden stoners who barely have the energy to take care of themselves. It’s just insanely easy to turn and grind up buds.

This grinder is highly durable and user-friendly and easily ranks in as the number one best grinder for 2016.

Alongside the grinder Phoenician will also send you their “kindtray” rolling tray. This tray is perfect for any marijuana user, especially if you end up purchasing the phoenician grinder. This tray has a perfectly sized slot to put your large phoenician grinder, a J-tray (or nug-out) for your already rolled blunts and joints, and a lighter.

*This tray also has some other minor functionalities that will make your join/blunt rolling experience a lot more pleasant.


Also included is an awesome travel sized “Nug out”. Basically this is used as an “on the go” bud collection table & joint/blunt holder. Like the grinder, it’s also small enough to fit inside your pocket or purse.

The travel sized “Nug out” is designed to hold up to two different types of bud or tobacco as well as a one-hitter. It’s a a very convenient package, I personally use it every day. I actually still get pretty excited when I get to use my portable rolling station!

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(it comes in multiple colors)



Okay so heres the deal, if you’re not interested in spending that much on a grinder there’s an alternative option:

The best weed grinder of 2016 doesn’t have to come with the added extras.

You could get the Phoenician grinder without the Nug out and Kindtray, that would save you a pretty penny.

Here it is, The Second Best Weed Grinder in 2016 in All its Glory.
(without the extra items as described above)

best weed grinder in 2016

Okay, if you’re still not convinced…

You are left with one last option.

There’s still one more way to obtain the best weed grinder in 2016 with even more savings!

Phoenician engineering had released one last model that costs significantly less than the first option and considerably less than the second option.

This is the smallest version of the Large Phoenician herb grinder.

best weed grinder in 2016It still contains the many innovations Phoenician had come up with to make their grinder the most supreme and best weed grinder in 2016’s market. The only difference is that you can’t fit as many buds inside of it.

Not a bad deal at all, I find this to be an excellent grinder and even better if you plan to travel. This grinder gets the job done just as well as its larger counterparts.

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