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Black Leaf – “Sea Mine” Glass Screens – Consumer Review

Black Leaf - "Sea Mine" Glass Screens

Okay guys, this is one of those must have products if you’re an avid pot smoker. The Black Leaf – “Sea Mine” Glass Screens are compatible with just about any piece and they do not affect the taste of your herb.

Black Leaf – “Sea Mine” Glass Screens



Unlike metal based screens, these bad boys don’t have any bearing on the quality of your smoke.  Not only do they prohibit unwanted ash and debris from entering the chambers of your bong, they also do not get clogged up like most other screen products! The discovery of this product has changed the Kushables office permanently; every single one of our bongs are now equipped with these lovely additions.


These glass screens come in an assortment of various colors and come in packages of 3 and 5 based upon the diameter you are looking for. They are small and easy to clean and on top of that they also maintain the cleanliness of your actual bong too! Who enjoys hitting a dirty bong? We don’t, and neither should you. We highly advise anyone who owns a bong to pick up this awesome product.


Black Leaf – “Sea Mine” Glass Screens are also compatible with regular smoking bowls (pipes) as well so long as you choose the smaller diameter option this way it fits nicely inside your handheld piece!


Another great thing we love about the Black Leaf – “Sea Mine” Glass Screens is that they’re 100% reusable. I don’t think we have ever actually fully depreciated one of these however they do tend to get lost, so it’s a very good thing that they come with more than a few per package!


If you’re interested in purchasing some of these wonderful inventions we personally order them from the websites prescribed below. They are trusted sources and have been industry leaders for many years now! Happy toking and enjoy!


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