Everything You Need to Know About Glass on Glass Bongs

Everything You Need to Know About Glass on Glass Bongs

(Including Where to Buy Them)

glass on glass bongs

More and more people have been displaying an interest in our glass on glass bongs for sale so we’ve decided to shed some light on what characteristics set them apart from other popular types of bongs. The first and foremost important difference that a glass on glass bong has that others do not is a removable slider. This movable bong attachment serves the same purpose as a carb ( the small hole usually located on the back side of most bongs ).


Glass on Glass bongs for Sale

A traditional carb is a small hole that requires a press and release action of the finger while simultaneously inhaling from the mouthpiece. This will in effect produce milky white smoke inside the chamber of the bong that’s ready to be inhaled

A slider bong has no carb but allows you to pull out and remove the bowl as soon as the chamber becomes filled with smoke. It’s intuitive design allows for it to easily detach from the base of the bong without any struggle.


Both methods offer different advantages however the slider method proved to be ultimately superior in a variety of our tests and research.

The Advantages of Using Glass on Glass Bongs

There are many unique advantages of using glass on glass bongs. The removable slider allows for:

  • Ease of access to the stem and bowl
  • Much easier to properly clean and maintain
  • Quicker pulls, bigger rips
  • superior air flow
  • Generally found on higher quality bongs such as ROOR Bongs

Glass on Glass bongs are generally a bit more costly than your traditional carb bong however the value that you’ll get out of them is certainly worth the investment. Better pulls of smoke that require far less suction on your part. These bongs are much easier to both maintain and clean thus allowing for them to depreciate at a lesser rate than their carburetor counterparts.

If you’re interested in trying out a glass on glass bong we have organized and condensed a list of the best deals from around the web at your convenience!

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Black Leaf Elite

Black Leaf Elite The Black Leaf Elite features in our listing of bongs for sale because it's just about the same price as many other top luxury bongs but brings much more to the table. On top of the supreme quality of craftsmanship used to make the bong, you will also get a very nice carrying case fully equipped with a clear glass oil adapter and a clear glass funnel with roll stoppers!

The Black Leaf Elite is made of high quality borosilicate glass, has fully functional ice stoppers, and comes fully prepared and ready to use right out of the box!


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Dude Bubble Base

Dude Bubble Base The Dude Bubble Base is a cool and unique bong due to its bubble chamber located at the base of the bong!

Not only does this awesome bong get super milky white while taking a hit, the manufactures also throw in a free herb grinder, 5 pipe screens, a funnel bowl, a very sleek black and silver carrying case, and another smoking goody based on your location! Truly a great deal and at an unbelievably low price! This is one of our top picks out of the many bongs for sale.


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Grace Glass

Grace Glass The popular glass blowing company Grace Glass produces many popular bongs for sale. Their bongs have been designed to substantially reduce the harshness of the smoke through the use of filtration by percolators , ice catchers found within the chamber of the bong,

Grace Glass had also put a lot of research into the most efficient dimensions of a bong and implemented their findings into this beautifully handcrafted piece of art.


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Dude Layback Glass

Dude Layback Glass Our list of bongs for sale features this Dude Layback glass model because of its well thought-out design, low price, and the smooth hits this bong can procure.

Not only does this bong have the optimal tube length for maximum ease and comfort while hitting the bong, but its intuitive angled chamber design allows for you to remain in your normal comfortable seating position while ripping this bong! A stoner's dream come true!


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Blaze Glass – Double Spiral Perc

Blaze Glass – Double Spiral Perc Blaze Glass is widely recognized for their expertise in producing of the most effective percolator bongs on the market today! A Percolator is a scientific innovation used to drastically reduce the harshness of the smoke that enters the users lungs. It is highly recommended to check if your using a bong with percolators as they are responsible for procuring massive hits of smoke with unparalleled smoothness!

The Blaze Glass Double Spiral Perc offers state of the art percolator technology as well as ice rings inside the bong to reduce harshness even further! This manufacturer of this bong will also throw in extra gift items at no extra charge! This is one of our top picks out of our Bongs for sale listings!


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