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4 Simple Tricks on How To Smoke Weed Indoors

How To Smoke Weed Indoors

Using 4 Simple Tricks!




how to smoke weed indoors

Smoking weed indoors is NOT that complicated.



So you want to smoke weed in the comfort of your own home but you’re afraid of the lingering pungent odor?


No worries.


This simple guide is designed to teach you exactly How to Smoke Weed indoors Without Getting Caught.



  • Low Traffic Isolated Room with a window & Closed Door
  • Deodorizer
  • Vaporizer/ Glass Bong
  • Weed
  • Wet Towel
  • Fan
  • Smoke Buddy (explained below)



How to Smoke Weed Indoors

In Four Easy Steps



Step 1:

Insulating Your Door


Before learning how to smoke weed indoors you must first look down at your supplies and make sure that you’ve met all of the requirements prescribed above.

If so, you’re ready to begin by first shutting the door of your low traffic isolated room and wedging your Wet Towel beneath it.


*It’s important to avoid having your wet towel sticking out of the other side of the door. You want to avoid any suspicious behavior.*


Please Note: If you’re living in a dorm it’s advised to seal all of the remaining crevices surrounding your door with duct tape. Smoking in a dorm however is not recommended as the Risk/Reward scale is significantly off balance. Just smoke outside!


Step Two:

Room Preperation & Air Flow


Next, open your window and place your fan roughly four inches away from it. Turn your fan on and direct the air flow towards the window and outside of your room.


Additionally, locate all of the air vents that lead into your room. Take your largest pillows, blankets, and cushions, and block the vents. It’s important to block all of the air pathways that lead to the main housing compartment.



Step Three:

Proper Indoor Smoking Techniques

Conserve Buds & Reduce Smell


Now that your room is sealed and the air flow is directed away from the main housing compartment, you’re finally ready to begin toking on your favorite herb. If you’re using a glass bong it’s important to follow these exact instructions while taking your hits:

Indoor Smoking Protocol:


  • Pack small bowls that you can clear in one hit
  • Exhale the smoke into the back end of the fan, blasting it out the window
  • Immediately extinguish any leftover burning herb in your bowl with the metal tip of your lighter
  • Utilize a *Smoke Buddy* to obliterate any immediate traces of smoke/odor


You might be wondering:


A Smoke Buddy is a crafty little device designed to instantly obliterate all marijuana odors and smoke. Essentially it’s a small tube that you exhale into after taking a hit. The odor is completely eliminated and there are ZERO traces of smoke left behind.


Do not attempt smoking indoors without using a smoke buddy.


These devices are considerably cheap and last fairly long. I find that they last me through about one ounce of weed smoking each. If you’ve ever wondered how to smoke weed indoors without getting caught, this is it.


Learn More About Smoke Buddies!

how to smoke weed indoors

Alternatively to purchasing a smoke buddy you can make a homemade version that consists of a toilet paper roll and dryer sheets. However, it’s important to note that the homemade method will only eliminate odor and not smoke. I personally find the Smoke Buddy to be far superior.


Step four:

Deodorization & Exit


By this point you will be fully baked and there will only be minimal traces of marijuana in your room. Before dismantling your sealed off door you must first use your deodorizing spray to kill off any remaining remnants of marijuana smoking.

There are thousands of smoke killing sprays available on the market today however there’s only one brand that actually works.


Ozium is the number one deodorizer. It’s powerful enough to almost completely obliterate any traces of indoor smoking alone. Don’t even bother with any other brand, it’s not even expensive. Want to know how to smoke weed indoors secretly? Buy a can of Ozium.

Buy a Can of Ozium Here!

how to smoke weed indoors with ozium

Direct your Ozium canister upwards and away from the vortex of the fan. This will allow your fan to serve as a vacuum that will slowly purify your rooms air quality.

Spray your Ozium only 2-3 times depending on the size of your room. This will be more than enough to cover the remaining scent. Next, remove the door seal and wet towel. Keep your fan on and window open. Quickly exit the room while closing the door behind you.


It’s important to spray your deodorizer last and immediately leave the room. You don’t want to marinate in whatever chemicals are used to make the smoke killer work. This is the case for every deodorizer, not only Ozium.


Okay folks that’s all there is to it! How to smoke indoors in four easy steps! Be sure to eventually return to your room to turn off your fan and close your window!



Authors Notes:

– It’s advised to avoid using a bathroom as your smoking room. Although it’s isolated, it maintains a high traffic profile.


– Vaporizers are by far the most effective smoking apparatus in terms of odor reduction. Guarantee your safety and Click here to view an effective vaporizer for only 38 bucks! Using a vaporizer will allow you to smoke weed indoors without it smelling.


– Be aware that your fingers may retain some herbal fragrance from handling your buds. Be sure to wash your hands before interacting with an unaccepted audience.



Jason Bolt