Marijuana Drug Classification

Marijuana Drug Classification

marijuana drug classification

Marijuana drug classification is complex due to the legality (or illegality) of the drug. We know there is nearly nothing more potent than nicotine. Nicotine hits the brain in about 7 minutes and rushes blood to the head in an immediate reaction. As soon as you take the first puff, you know you’re feeling what would be called by a beginner, a buzz. Immediately a headache might begin and suddenly you put the cigarette out, knowing due to the government the severe, drastic health issues that await you when you hit 45, or 52. However, due to the short half-life, you need another in only about 14 minutes, meaning you might be tempted to chain smoke and justify such by stating to yourself: This is my last cigarette of the day. But it won’t be and the smoker knows it and yet is in denial. There are many varieties of tobacco.


Marijuana drug classification is late to the party because of double sided arguments from doctors and brain experts. But it has to be true, that since there is smoke, unknown agents are entering your lungs. A blunt is laced with nicotine, and marijuana drug classification is once again complicated. A blunt will hit you in one hit, and you’re stoned, yet able to coordinate, able to remember sentences more than 120 characters, and still able to feel your legs when you sit down. Marijuana drug classification is difficult because of the many, many varieties. A dealer will call it sours or OG Kush, or Lemon Kush, or Banana Kush. These ARE different but the differences are unknown or clouded by statutes and indecision on the part of political leaders. Politics are in the way and yet tobacco is legal everywhere in the United States of America. Tobacco kills thousands upon thousands of smokers, while we have not seen deaths attributed to marijuana. This is because of the lack of marijuana drug classification. We will see that it is perfect for the brain because it stimulates the brain to think outside the box, to consider new options, to research new ideas, to elevate above the norm, not under the influence as some might state.

Caffeine is as much of a drug and yet is fully legal worldwide. It is very similar to nicotine, but with a reverse effect in health: in fact caffeine can reverse the effects to the throat that tobacco causes. Caffeine affects the brain as soon as it hits your teeth, mouth, and gums. Caffeine is a universal drug because it is universally heralded as a good thing for its customers. Marijuana drug classification is not as simple and you never know exactly what you’re getting, until and unless it is legalized everywhere for medicinal purposes. Once this occurs everything else will fall into place, and marijuana drug classification will be realized. It is easy to see that caffeine is legal because it is good. It is also clear that marijuana is illegal because of special interests from politicians who think the next hit is going to kill an infant somewhere in Colorado. This is nuts because regulations will prevent this from happening.

marijuana drug classification


In summation, marijuana drug classification is complicated but once resolved, will reveal the great and potent medical benefits of marijuana.


Author: Paul Smith




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