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ROOR bongs are superior to all bongs


ROOR Bongs

ROOR Bongs

ROOR bongs all share one thing in common; they’re all unique beautifully hand crafted pieces of art. Not only do ROOR bongs have an eloquent style and finish, they also prove to be the most efficient at delivering a smooth and enjoyable clean hit. Being a personal owner of multiple ROOR bongs myself, I can tell you that their classy modern style is only exceeded by their solid scientifically proven quality.

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ROOR bongs are simply awesome, seriously. Like most people I was very skeptical about spending a considerable amount of money on a bong but my skepticism was inevitably overpowered by my strong desire for a perfectly smooth hit of smoke. I had done a fair amount of research on cool bongs for sale from other popular bong companies but it was ROOR bongs that ultimately caught my attention.

What ROOR bongs offered was quite different than most of their competitors, they offered a top quality luxury brand of glass which exceeded the standards of most other current top medical marijuana products. All of the ROOR bongs I had looked at offered many technological achievements that provided for the most satisfying hit. Basically, what I had researched to be the most important smooth hit contributing factors are a glass Bistible joint as well as an optimum volume to water ratio. ROOR bongs offer both of these amenities as well as most of their models carrying percolators which are used to greatly reduce their harshness even further.

About the company that produces ROOR bongs…

After I had purchased the first of my many ROOR bongs I was amazed at how it was just years ahead of any bong I had ever smoked out of in terms of comfort and the size of the hits I was able to get out of it. I began to do a little research on the company. Basically, ROOR bongs are made by a German company that specializes in Borosilicate glass blowing.

These are not your basic glass blowers that took a week training course to start blowing bongs. These are highly skilled glass blowing artists that have been deeply involved in the industry for a very long time. The owner and founder of ROOR bongs, Martin Birzle, has his signature on every single unit thus signifying their inspection for any imperfections that would prevent your bong from meeting the ROOR bongs standard.

Regardless of which model of ROOR bongs you choose I can guarantee your satisfaction. There’s just simply not another bong out there that matches its functionality and quality. Although the price tag that comes with the bong is comparably higher than most other bongs you would find in a head shop I promise that the value is there. To put it simply, you get what you pay for. These are truly awesome bongs.

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With every ROOR bongs purchase they will add in an aweseome herb grinder and ROOR glass gauze for free, not to mention they also have free shipping!

I hope I was able to help you in your search for a superior bong and I am confident that any of the ROOR bongs you come across will satisfy that longing desire you’ve had for a big toke of smoke without the burning sensation that often follows it. Enjoy!

Author: Kevin Alvarez

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