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The Best bongs 2016 Has to Offer

The Best Bongs 2016 Has to Offer!

If you’ve found this post you’re most likely interested in only the best bongs 2016 has to offer. Due to the recent boom in the United States’ marijuana industry, there’s been a surge in bong production thus making it harder for marijuana connoisseurs to determine which bong is actually the best.

Who has the time to sift through thousands of bong reviews anyway?

Thats where we come in.

The Kushables team has done the research for you and put together a small list featuring only the best bongs 2016 has to offer! We’ve tediously went through every bong review online and have determined these 3 bongs to be the most well crafted pieces of 2016.

Roor Bongs 500 Series

Roor bongs 500 series


The Roor bongs 500 series ranks in as our first pick on our list featuring the best bongs 2016 has to offer due to the exquisite quality Roor puts into their work.This is a very popular name brand, its not often you see an AUTHENTIC Roor bong in this price range.

*The 500 Series utilizes an excellent slider to rip the bong as well as the perfect amount of glass throughout the bong (3.2mm).

*Most Roor bongs cost hundreds of dollars however this year Roor the 500 series has an excellent new price tag, just over the hundred dollar mark.

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The Black Leaf ELITE

Black Leaf - ELITE Beaker Base 6-arm Perc Tube - Complete Set in Box

This is our second pick for our list of the best bongs 2016 has to offer due to its high quality borosilicate glass, ice notches, and the fact that it comes as a complete set with various accessories.

*The smoke is then cooled even further by passing through the various chambers of the bong where it is both cooled and diffused.”

There’s often various knockoff brands that attempt to mimic the shape of this classic design however it’s important to note that none of these cheap imitations will compare due to the extremely high quality borosilicate glass that Black Leaf uses to procure these masterpieces.

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The Grace Glass Straight Ice Bong

grace glass

The last bong on our list of the best bongs 2016 has to offer is the new Grace Glass Straight Ice Bong. This excellent piece features some of the highest quality borosilicate glass we’ve seen this year, it also features ice notches that will cool down the smoke making it silky smooth for when it it reaches your lungs!

*Additionally, this bong is also equipped with a diffuser. The diffuser is used to cool own the harshness of the smoke even further!

supreme design and superb functionality.

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