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There are thousands upon thousands of unique bongs for sale all over the web. We felt it that it was our duty to organize a comprehensive list featuring all of these amazing pieces. After hours on end of research and consideration, our team has finally come up with this list of images and links to all the unique bongs for sale found on the internet!


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The websites  we are supplying you with have the most unique bongs for sale and are also the most trusted among the marijuana industry as a whole. We have personally ordered items from each of these websites and can guarantee their authenticity and trustworthiness.


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Some of the customized unique bongs for sale can be pretty expensive so the discount codes often come in handy! Saving 10-20% will certainly save you a pretty penny if you choose to purchase one of the rather expensive unique bongs for sale!

Without Further ado, we bring to you:

The Number One List Featuring All of the Unique Bongs for Sale on the Internet Today



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Black Leaf Elite

Black Leaf Elite The Black Leaf Elite features in our listing of bongs for sale because it's just about the same price as many other top luxury bongs but brings much more to the table. On top of the supreme quality of craftsmanship used to make the bong, you will also get a very nice carrying case fully equipped with a clear glass oil adapter and a clear glass funnel with roll stoppers!

The Black Leaf Elite is made of high quality borosilicate glass, has fully functional ice stoppers, and comes fully prepared and ready to use right out of the box!


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Dude Bubble Base

Dude Bubble Base The Dude Bubble Base is a cool and unique bong due to its bubble chamber located at the base of the bong!

Not only does this awesome bong get super milky white while taking a hit, the manufactures also throw in a free herb grinder, 5 pipe screens, a funnel bowl, a very sleek black and silver carrying case, and another smoking goody based on your location! Truly a great deal and at an unbelievably low price! This is one of our top picks out of the many bongs for sale.


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Magic Mushroom Bong

Magic Mushroom Bong The Magic Mushroom water bong is on our list of bongs for sale because of its ability to be hidden in plain sight. This bong comes with two mushroom caps used to conceal both the mouth piece of the bong as well as the bowl itself!

This bong comes with a sleek metal bowl and is operated through the use of the carb on the back side of the bong.


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Wizard Ceramic Water Pipe

Wizard Ceramic Water Pipe Some of our favorite bongs for sale are made out of ceramic, such as this hand designed water bong. It stands 27cm/10.6in tall and has been crafted to resemble a mystical warlock! A metal bowl is located in his arms and you inhale the smoke through the top of the warlocks hat, Totally awesome!


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Grace Glass

Grace Glass The popular glass blowing company Grace Glass produces many popular bongs for sale. Their bongs have been designed to substantially reduce the harshness of the smoke through the use of filtration by percolators , ice catchers found within the chamber of the bong,

Grace Glass had also put a lot of research into the most efficient dimensions of a bong and implemented their findings into this beautifully handcrafted piece of art.


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